The Only Smoke Shop in Layafette that can help you quit smoking cigarettes for good!

The Only Smoke Shop in Layafette that can help you quit smoking cigarettes for good!

VaporViper Vapes has everything you need!

VaporViper Vapes is the best smoke shop in Lafayette, offering the widest variety of vapes, vape accessories, e-cigs and e-cigarettes in the area. When e-cigarettes and vapes first burst onto the market, we knew those electronic cigarette devices were something special. We started VaporViper Vapes smoke shop with two goals in mind: to help people put down cigarettes forever and to help those who want to develop a new, less harmful hobby.

Our experts in Lafayette, LA can help you put down the smokes

Smoking kills more than 443,000 Americans each year and is at the top of the list for preventable death. Everyone knows about the dangers of cigarettes and the push to eradicate smoking. VaporViper Vapes wants to be part of that push. We want to replace your traditional cigarettes with our vapes and, if it is your desire, help you never pick up another smoke again.

Trying to quit with a vape is the same process as quitting with other resources.
• The first step is the desire to quit. No product is going to help if you don’t want to quit. Even with our selection of more than 250 e-liquids, if you don’t want to quit, it’s not going happen.
• Slowly wean yourself from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. You can either do this all at once or over several weeks, but remember to stick to your decision and not backtrack.
• Once you have stopped smoking cigarettes completely, our vaping experts will help turn off your need for nicotine completely.

Unlike other Lafayette smoke shops, VaporViper Vapes can create differing levels of nicotine and slowly wean you off. Our knowledgeable vaping experts will walk you through the process of switching from cigarettes to vapes. In addition to weaning you off nicotine, our vape professionals will support you in your decision to put down cigarettes. We are more than happy to help you quit smoking and will guide you to a healthier way of life.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Concentrate and dry herb vaporizers in Lafayette, LA

If you’re new to smoking, you may not know different vaporizers serve different purposes. For example, concentrate vaporizers provide a smoother vaping experience than a pipe for concentrates and essential oils. Dry herb vaporizers are perfect for:

  • Dry herbs
  • Dry leaf tobacco
  • Medical marijuana

Stop in to Vapor Viper Vapes in Lafayette, LA to speak with an associate about our vaporizers. We’ll help you discover products that meet your needs and budget. Questions? Call 337-789-6258 to learn more.

Pick up glass, hand and water pipes at Vapor Viper Vapes in Lafayette, LA

At Vapor Viper Vapes, we have all the pipes, grinders and supplies you need for a quality smoking experience. If you don’t know what you need, or where to start, visit our shop in Lafayette, LA today . Our highly trained associates will make expert recommendations based on what you’re looking for.

Come and see us in Lafayette today!

Come visit us and enjoy our lounge where you can play pool, watch TV, test different vapes and e-liquid and smoke from our electric hookah. To get started, call us at 337-789-6258. Whether you’re a seasoned vapor or a new dripper, VaporViper Vapes in Lafayette, LA has something for everyone.

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